Friday, September 28, 2012

Beautiful sights in Bali

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Asian region due to its lush natural landscapes and beautiful white sandy beaches. However, if not a beach lover, there are still many attractions in Bali, that pique your interest and make is worth your holiday on this island. In Bali, you have the choice whether you go the tourist hot spots or to explore parts of the island, the visitors but always more beautiful is not necessarily popular yet. Not fool you minute by island size, because it definitely more to Bali as the eye is true.

You are a lover of history with a passion for art, one of the places in Bali is to visit the region of Ubud. This small town is the hub for all local arts, including sculpture, dance, music, crafts and architecture. Was enormously developed Ubud but still retains its charming, traditional villages and relaxed atmosphere. Cultural programmes are regularly conducted for visitors. You get the chance to mix not only with the friendly locals, but also with the majestic Sumatran elephants. This city is known as a detoxification centre on the island because of its endless source of healing herbs and plants. So, you can choose to be pampered for very reasonable prices on a number of spas.

If you are a nature lover, there are to visit many places in Indonesia, but none could probably compare to the lush panorama of Kintamani Bali. Mount Batur is a famous volcano lies in the region along with Lake Batur, the largest lake in Bali. The villages of Kintamani Kedisan and Sukawana villages are unique in their own way. A similarity, that they share has been the traditional and ancient architecture such as these villages probably here because each local could remember. Experienced travelers you can be advised the panoramic view of the rice fields of the finest from your hotel room early in the morning which show Sun between the slopes of the volcano and enjoy.

If there are Hindu temples in the must-see is a temple, which you don't want to miss that, can the Pura Tanah lot (Tanah lot Temple). Consist of rock formation, the impression the situation and physical Outlook of the temple one mystical and holy place. The temple itself is surrounded by water and all access is cut off during the flood through the rock. Pura Tanah lot is visited during each celebration of Balinese even by the locals. If you're lucky, these witnesses celebrate are to get the locals in traditional costumes traditional songs and dance as an offering to the gods.

A trip to Bali is not complete without a visit to the beaches. Legian beach is one of the many sights in Legian Bali. This special Beach may not be as popular or crowded as the beach of Kuta, but enjoy always still the same activities such as swimming and surfing without anything missing. Sunset on the beach can one of the most memorable things also experience ever in Legian. Of course, like all the other places in Bali Legian has also its own share of spas and retreats where patrons can rest and relax while you pamper by their trained masseuses.

The island of Bali may have a tiny dot on the world map, probably even invisible. Bali offers a variety of activities and experiences but for tourists and visitors alike. Many places in different regions of the island to your fill days here on the island with endless wonder and holiday you'll probably never forget.

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