Monday, September 24, 2012

Cheap hotels in Bali, Indonesia

Legian Bali, Indonesia is a popular destination for surfers, backpackers and families traveling on a budget. There are many cheap hotels in Legian Bali for cost conscious travellers. Legian Bali is an energetic and exciting city with a very low crime rate. There are thousands of shops with local craftsmen were their show. While Indonesia is an Islamic country, Legian Bali has a large population of Hindu worshippers. The Hindu influence is visible in craft shops and culture shows around the city. The people are friendly and welcoming, and it is light, caught up in the atmosphere of the city.

Can be while you are planning to book a room in a cheap hotel, make sure, read the reviews from previous guests. Surya Dewata Beach II 11 Padma Utara, no. 10, Legian, Bali, Indonesia, fees under $20 for a double room for a week-long stay. However it only has eight rooms and offers a restaurant does not. It is close to shops and restaurants. Complaints about dirty rooms and cockroaches have been identified in reviews for this hotel. The lonely backpackers or surfer who is concerned with cost, can find these rooms acceptable.

Double six Legian, JL. Arjuna (double six) gang Villa Coco, is a three-star hotel, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia, the clean room offers many amenities, including bicycle rental for under $30.00 per night double room. It has its own restaurant and a mini mart and guide. However, guests pay a deposit for a room key and towels.

Fave Denpasar managed hotel Jalan Teuku Umar no 175-179, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia by Aston. This brand new, brightly-colored hotel was built to be environmentally friendly. You can swim in the beautiful pool for under $50.00 per night, double, or generous restaurant food. The rooms offer Wi-Fi, air conditioning, bathroom with shower.

If you are interested for sightseeing and shopping you want to book a room closer to the central business district. Bali is known for his highly experienced performers in dance; as well, the notable artists, the sculpture, painting, leather tools, metal-working and musical composition to create. The sights, sounds and scents will fill your senses.

A trip to Bali are fun and exciting, with interesting events, sightseeing tours and food to satisfy every appetite. Do your homework before booking a room in the Have been some complaints about the dirty hotels on the Internet (although very reasonably priced) logged in. Is luxury at affordable prices available; and Bali has hundreds of cheap hotels in Bali , that can meet any traveler on a tight budget. All tourists, whether on a budget, or not, is your stay in Bali.

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